Green Isac is included on the free ambient electronic sampler released by Spotted Peccary Music

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Green Isac airplay

Green Isac has gained some airplay during spring and summer in the US and in Norway.

The new album "Passengers" was on the top 25 for April on Echoes, and have been on their playlists during summer.

Green Isac has also been listed on the Hearts Of Space radio programs.

In Norway, Green Isac has been broadcasted on the national radio NRK P13 on programs hosted by Svein Terje Torvik and Harald Are Lund.

Passengers CVRfnl kopi

New album

Passengers CVRfnl

New album "Passengers" out April 8.

Nordic ethno-electronic sound-sculpting duo Green Isac unleash their first full length release in 10 years - PASSENGERS is a completely realized triptych combining three shorter works, Backwaters, Kites, and Larynx into one master experience of African rhythms, exotic traditional instruments, minimalist ambient, and sculpted electronic sound environs. With this mesmerizing view finally revealed, Green Isac mysteriously transports participants to a virtual trans-continental landscape of captivating melodies and pulses, but never too distantly leaving behind their inspirations from luminaries Phillip Glass, Steve Reich, and Nik Bärtsch.

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Green Isac & Eivind Aarset live April 7.

Kampen Bistro-Green Isaac m:Eivind Årseth 7.april 2013–22 kopi


Studio recording session #2

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On November 19th, Green Isac Orchestra recorded at least 3 new tracks live at Lydkjoekkenet Studio in Oslo.

Emmesity video

The video for Emmesity by Green Isac Orchestra is now released.
This is the first result from the recording/film-session in April.
The version on the video is edited, you can listen to the full version here.

Studio recording session

On April 3rd, Green Isac Orchestra recorded 3 tracks live at Lydkjoekkenet Studio in Oslo.

The session was also filmed by photographers Baard Henriksen and Per Sollerman



Green Isac Orchestra is to perform regulary on the event called "Etnotronica" at Kampen Bistro in Oslo. 

The concept is to include a guest artist for each event that is performing with GIO or alone or both.

Presenting different visual expressions is also a part of the concept.

IMG 3160

Etnotronica #2 with guest Per Willy Aaserud